The Asian Gentleman chills @ a place where whisky has ball

Well well well, what are you thinking about when you read the title?

In this post, The Asian Gentleman chills @ Quaich Bar – whisky bar located in Grand Copthorne, 392 Havelock road in Singapore.

So, what has this got to do with ball?

Ever heard of the whisky ice ball? If you haven’t, that’s fine. It’s the purpose of this post and one of the reasons why we like Quaich bar.

The purist might like their whisky neat; but hey, we live in Asia! We don’t get that nice cool weather all year round and certainly, not in tropical Singapore. So, cut us some slack, let’s throw in the ice to chillax. But, herein lies the problem, ice melts and melts too fast; thus diluting the alochol. That is why the ice ball is created – The spherical nature of the ice ball slows the melting process making it less susceptible to hand warmth,  and keeps the whisky cool and refreshing.

We have been searching for a bar that serves whisky in with a smooth and nicely shaped ball. Although there are a few outlets out there that does it. Nowhere does it as well as Quaich Bar. They use a special machine to “grind” a block of ice to get a smooth nice spherical shape. Visit our facebook page here to see how’s it done. This is what Macallan calls “The Perfect Serve”.

That’s one thing to highlight about Quaich bar. Another that we would like to highlight is the service of the chinese waitress (I believe her name was Yan Li) there. She’s really friendly and enthusiastic about her job. For the uninitiated in the art of whisky, please feel free to approach her with any questions you have about whisky and she will gladly share her knowledge with you. In this way, you will not only enjoy your whisky, but learn to appreciate it as well. That’s the Asian Gentleman way!

Here are some pictures that we took in Quaich Bar:

Quaich Bar interior

Quaich Bar Counter

Quaich Bar interior 2

Whisky with the balls


About theasiangentlemanblog

The Asian Gentleman philosophy is simple. We advocate you to be yourself, to be the trendsetter, to have your own style. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge so that the discerning dapper in you know the “rules of the game.” However, remember “Rules are rules.” You have the power of knowledge, use it to create your own style. Use it to your advantage to create something uniquely you. Be a dandy. Be outrageous. Be bold. Most importantly, Be yourself. That is where Substance meets Style.
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2 Responses to The Asian Gentleman chills @ a place where whisky has ball

  1. George says:

    Is it a good place to bring business associates? I have business guests coming from England and they would prefer a place with good, clean, friendly company of the lady servers. Just to kick back after our meeting and they’d probably like to have some chit chat while drinking, especially after facing a big burly man like me for hours in the day.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • Hi George,

      Good to hear from you! The Quaich Bar is definitely a good clean place to bring your business guests. There is no funny business there if you know what I mean. In addition, if your associates fancy a puff, they have a smoking room for you to sit back relax, take a puff and sip your whisky.

      Also, the lead waitress (Yan Li) is a very sociable and thoughtful waitress. She is a good conversationalist and is unafraid to give her recommendation and share her knowledge on whisky.

      Here’s a link to their facebook page if you want to do some recon:

      Please feel free to visit our facebook page too if you have the time:

      I do sincerely hope that you and your business associate will have a good time at the Quaich Bar.

      The Asian Gentleman

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