The Asian Gentleman chills out @ Toby’s Estate

You’re dressed to your sharpest, drenched in your style and looking your best but there’s just one tiny problem – You ain’t got an idea where to go to! Holy Rocker Molly Batman!

But Never Fear, cos The Asian Gentleman is here! Above and beyond articles where we will introduce you to the rules of dressing, we thought “hey! why not introduce some places where you can go too? Just so you can flaunt your style.”

“The Asian Gentleman chills out @” series will be dedicated to introducing areas where you can be seen. The good food and beverages that you experience there would be a bonus.

To kick off the first post of “The Asian Gentleman chills out @” would be Toby’s Estate, located in Singapore, along 8 Rodyk Street.

The cafe allows the alfresco option and if you head in, you will see a long wooden table decked with white chairs. A perfect chance for you to mingle and meet new people! However, if you prefer a quieter option, there’re the bar seats option around the counter and along the window aisle.

Toby’s Estate is a not only a nice place to chill, but the coffee is great too! For coffee lovers who prefer coffee with a very mild acidity taste, we would definitely recommend this place. We would even stick our necks out to say that their latte is one of the best we have tasted. Each cup is carefully handcrafted by the barista unlike the commercial coffee outlets that just mix the milk with the espresso and dump the foam on top! Be nicer to yourself and have some good quality coffee yo~!

As for food, it ain’t too bad as well. We tried some from their breakfast menu and it was good! We shall just let the pictures do the talking.

So, What are you waiting for?

Be seen and be heard at Toby’s Estate!


The Asian Gentleman

Where Substance Meets Style

Toby Estate’s Entrance

Toby Estate’s Interior

Latte and Picolo Latte 


Latte and Iced Mocha in background

Breakfast Taco – Chili Con Carne with Salsa and Poached Egg 

Croissant with Smoked Salmon and Scrambled eggs

Dessert – Carrot Cake


About theasiangentlemanblog

The Asian Gentleman philosophy is simple. We advocate you to be yourself, to be the trendsetter, to have your own style. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge so that the discerning dapper in you know the “rules of the game.” However, remember “Rules are rules.” You have the power of knowledge, use it to create your own style. Use it to your advantage to create something uniquely you. Be a dandy. Be outrageous. Be bold. Most importantly, Be yourself. That is where Substance meets Style.
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