Spotted: 4 Asian Gentleman with Style. Now who Says Men Dressing is boring?

A suit and a tie. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

That’s probably what comes to your mind when you think about male clothing – standard and boring. Well then, let’s jazz it up shall we?

The Asian Gentleman was at a dinner function today and spotted 4 gentlemen with different styles.

4 Asian Gentlemen with different styles

From Left to Right:

1) Black suit, notched lapel, blue shirt and bow tie
2) 3 piece peak lapel navy blue suit, shawl collared vest
3) Navy blue peak lapel suit, matching tie and multi pointed pocket square
4) Notched lapel black suit, Brown scarf

Spotted: Another Asian Gentleman jazzing up his suit

Another Asian Gentleman jazzing up his suit

Shown above:

Two button notched lapel jacket
Orchid in buttonhole (Nice twist to show the Singaporean flavor)
A different type of neckwear (a crossover) used instead of the usual ties/necktie


The Asian Gentleman


About theasiangentlemanblog

The Asian Gentleman philosophy is simple. We advocate you to be yourself, to be the trendsetter, to have your own style. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge so that the discerning dapper in you know the “rules of the game.” However, remember “Rules are rules.” You have the power of knowledge, use it to create your own style. Use it to your advantage to create something uniquely you. Be a dandy. Be outrageous. Be bold. Most importantly, Be yourself. That is where Substance meets Style.
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